Stately Kitchen's Deluxe Commercial Grade Mini Cheesecake Pan with Removable bottom, Set of two, 6 Cavities / Mini Quiche Pan / Cupcake Pan / Muffin Tin / Mini Dessert Pan / Tart Pan


Stately Kitchen's Deluxe Commercial Grade Mini Cheesecake Pan with Removable bottom, Set of two, 6 Cavities / Mini Quiche Pan / Cupcake Pan / Muffin Tin / Mini Dessert Pan / Tart Pan

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Manufacturer Description

Finally, a baking pan with incredible versatility! This deluxe and commercial grade product from Stately Kitchen is the most amazing and easy to use mini cheesecake pan. These MUST HAVE mini cheesecake pans need to be in YOUR kitchen. There are so many types of foods that are perfect in a pan like this. We love to make tarts and other desserts! With a removable bottom that slips right off, you will have no trouble with the release of any baked good you decide to try in here!

The non- stick surface is a must so you don't have to mess around with greasing and flouring your surface. They will come out easily and beautifully every time! Try mini cheesecakes for an elegant party. Throw some mini quiches together for a brunch with friends! Try baking your favorite cupcakes or your most delicious muffin recipe for your family. It's also fun to experiment with Jello or any other molds you can come up with. And please don't forget to let us know what yummy treats, recipes and new ideas you come up with. We love to hear from our customers!

With the easiest of clean ups, just throw the whole pan into your dishwasher, or simply wipe it down by hand. They will come out ready for your next creation. Any baker would love to have these pans in their kitchen to impress their friends and families with yummy and mouth -watering baked goods...just don't tell them how easy it was for you! Grab some pans today! STATELY KITCHEN was founded in 2014 to bring innovative products that inspire you in the kitchen and provide high quality, well designed tools that you can rely on. Cooking can be a form of art, a sign of thanksgiving, a way to comfort, or a celebration. We want you to feel CONFIDENT that, whatever the reason, our products will help you make it a 100% successful cooking experience.

Product Features

• REMOVABLE BOTTOM--Having a baking pan as versatile as this, is great in itself. Add the fact that after your mini quiche is done in the oven, you can just remove the bottom for the easiest release EVER! Your baked good will be beautiful for your guests and remain in- tact and ready for display! • 2 SETS, 6 BAKING CUPS--When you spend your time in the kitchen, mixing, sifting, measuring, and beating, the last thing you want to do is have to make multiple batches. With 12 baking cups at your fingertips, your batter will go so much further. • EXTREME VERSATILITY--These pans with 6 cups in each, can be used for all sorts of baked goods! Throw a cheesecake in there, some cupcake batter, muffins for the kids, tarts for the party, or a quiche for breakfast! Or, make jello, or any other mold you can dream up! • CLEANING EASE--This pan has an incredible appeal with the simple fact that it's EASY TO CLEAN! Whether you just take a cloth and wipe down the surface or you decide to throw it in the dishwasher, your Mini Cheesecake Pan will come out looking as good as new and ready for the next use! • NON STICK--Another great quality of these versatile baking pans is that it is non-stick. The finish on this pan makes it so incredibly easy to pop your mini dessert out with no muss and no fuss. Pair this with that removable bottom we mentioned, and you have an easy end to all of your baking in the kitchen!

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