Finesseur Precision Digital Food Scale for Kitchen

Finesseur Precision Digital Food Scale for Kitchen
Finesseur Precision Digital Food Scale for Kitchen Finesseur Precision Digital Food Scale for Kitchen Finesseur Precision Digital Food Scale for Kitchen Finesseur Precision Digital Food Scale for Kitchen Finesseur Precision Digital Food Scale for Kitchen (click images to enlarge)

Finesseur Precision Digital Food Scale for Kitchen

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Manufacturer Description

The secret to cooking and baking like a pro

We've all spent hours following a new delicious-sounding recipe, only to be disappointed by the first bite. What happened?

Recipes are developed through a lot of trial, error, and fine-tuning. So, to get the right taste and texture, you need to measure each ingredient in precisely the exact amount your recipe calls for.

But, according to King Arthur Flour, the oldest flour company in America, "a 'cup' of flour can weigh anywhere between 4 and 5 1/2 ounces. And the cups themselves can legally vary up to 12%." Measuring cups are hardly better than guessing.

In contrast, weights don't vary. So, a high quality food scale helps you confidently measure exactly the correct amount of each ingredient. You'll enjoy every bite from your delicious, perfectly prepared recipes.

Simplify cleanup and spend less time doing dishes

You only need one container to weigh all your ingredients. Simply put your container directly on the weighing platform. Then, just press the TARE button to zero out the weight reading before adding the next ingredient to the container.

Take control of your health

Studies show that by simply looking at food, we can't accurately judge portion sizes. We can easily eat double the amount we should, without even noticing it. Weighing meals helps us track and understand our nutritional needs and adopt healthy eating habits.

The best food scale for your kitchen

- Sleek, durable tempered glass surface: clean with a single wipe

- Units perfect for American and international recipes: lb:oz, g, fl.oz, ml

- 11lb/5kg capacity, accurate to 0.1oz/1g

- Smart 60 second auto-off feature to preserve battery life

- 2 CR2032 batteries included

100% guaranteed

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority, and your investment is backed by our full 1 year 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cooking is this easy with your Finesseur kitchen scale. Order yours today!

Product Features

Your search for the best food scale ends here. Be sure to hold your breath - customers report this scale is so quick and so accurate that the air movement from a gentle breeze affects the scale reading. This extreme sensitivity is great news because your scale can quickly catch up with you as you add ingredients. And, it's especially helpful for recipes that require very small and precise measurements. The simple design of this kitchen scale is meant to be elegant. Your Finesseur digital scale is slim and compact, and is comparable to the size and thickness of a mini iPad - so storage is a breeze. But, you may want to leave it out, since it looks good on your kitchen counter. Starts with whatever unit of measurement you were using before you shut it off previously, so you do not need to re-enter your preferred measurement unit every time. The large platform surface can hold a variety of different bowls and plates. There are no grooves in the tempered glass surface, so cleaning is as easy as a single wipe. The bright backlit LCD display makes measurements easy to read. Intuitive design makes reading the manual unnecessary. Wait a second or two after pressing the "Tare" button, the scale will reset back zero. With Tare, you can weigh all your ingredients in just one container. Plus, by giving the 'unit' button a gentle touch, you can navigate through American pounds and ounces as well as Metric grams. You can now follow your favorite Italian fresh pasta and French pastry recipes without having to recalculate the amounts. We know you cannot touch or feel through your web browser. But, as you order now, you're protected by our full 1 year 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, take full advantage of our guarantee and test out your Finesseur food scale at home. Send us an email via Amazon if you are not completely satisfied, and we will process your refund within 24 hours, no questions asked.

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