Amagabeli Pan and Mat (Cooling Rack 12"x17")

Amagabeli Pan and Mat (Cooling Rack 12"x17")
Amagabeli Pan and Mat (Cooling Rack 12"x17") Amagabeli Pan and Mat (Cooling Rack 12"x17") Amagabeli Pan and Mat (Cooling Rack 12"x17") Amagabeli Pan and Mat (Cooling Rack 12"x17") Amagabeli Pan and Mat (Cooling Rack 12"x17") (click images to enlarge)

Amagabeli Pan and Mat (Cooling Rack 12"x17")

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Manufacturer Description

Predicting ovulation is now possible thanks to DIHEA Basal Digital Thermometer. Basal body temperature (BBT) is the lowest body temperature in a 24-hour period. Charting BBT is a good way to track the ovulation. You’ll need a highly accurate and sensitive device to measure minute changes from your body temperature. Nothing is more suitable for your demand than Basal Body Thermometer by DIHEA, which is compact, safe, economical and convenient. The medical thermometer comes with the flexible and soft tip because your secure user experience is our number one priority.

Quick and Accurate Readings, the reading time of DIHEA Bascal Thermometer:

- Mouth: 2 min 30s

- Oxter: 3 min 25s

- Other: 5 min and up

After the measurement is completed, your temperature will be displayed on a broad and easy-to-read on LCD screen. We recommend to use the fertility thermometer every day for a few months to get a pattern of your cycle. Take your body temperature in the morning right after you wake up for the most accurate result. You don’t have to try to look at the monitor in the early morning when it's still dark. The memory recall function stores the last temperature measured, so that you can note down the reading to your ovulation chart whenever you want until the next measurement.

Learn to control your fertility from today with DIHEA Basal Thermometer by quickly click the Add to Cart button!

Product Features

SAFE AND HEALTHY: oven safe; dishwasher safe; safe to 575˚F; this wire cooling rack or wire baking rack is made of 100% pure stainless steel Grade 304 (18/8), WITHOUT any food-ruining artificial or chrome coating, this roasting rack is no harm to your health or foods taste. ADVANTAGED PATTERN AND DESIGN: with 1 horizontal and 2 vertical direction STRENTHENING ROD crisscrossed to resist warping; with 40% MORE CROSSWIRE than its nearest competitor, this DENSE GRID cookie wire rack is tight enough to ensure that the delicate baked and soft foods don't sink through while baking and cooling; 3/4 inch RAISED FEET for air circulation when baking or cooling, allowing air to circulate on all sides of the pan, to avoid condensation and making baked goods soft and mushy. A MULTI-USE KITCHEN TOOL: can be used as cooling rack, baking rack, smoker rack, potato baking racks, cake baking racks, chicken backing rack, roasting sheet pan, bacon cooking pan, bacon roasting pan, baking pan with rack; fits perfectly for your 13" x 18" half-sheet pan, rimmed baking sheets and baking oven; fit for baking pans such as below brand: American Bakeware, Nordic Ware, Mainstay Commercial Grade Pan to name a few. DELICIOUS COOKING: broiling crispy chicken in the oven, grilling meat, baking cake, roasting turkey; allowing grease to drip after frying foods, making baked potatoes, decorating cakes and doughnut confection; Keeping the crunch in a doughnut, the sogginess out of bread, and the crisp in latkes; To smoke meat or fish; For dehydrating (e.g. oven-dried tomatoes); For better basting (e.g. sheet-pan steak with broccolini and white beans); To make crispier baked foods; Making oven bacon. HEAVY DUTY, SUPREME DURABILITY, SATISFACTION AND LIFETIME GUARANTEED: easy to use, clean and store; you don't have to spend any time hovering over the stove. Clean-up is a breeze; rustless, warp-resistant with heavy gauge stainless steel; lifetime warranty; much better than a chrome coated or non-stick coating oven rack; 100% made of pure stainless steel; 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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